Who are our School Commission Members?
Spirit of St. Joe's

School Commission
The School Commission is a consultative body involved in promoting St. Joseph Parish School as an integral part of the educational mission of the parish. Its functions are to foster the school's philosophy and to assist in developing action steps to implement the school's objectives for education. Member's input is valued for issues important to parents. These issues may include topics such as the school's long and short range planning, handbook policies, tuition and budget, public relations/marketing, and parish/community involvement.

School Commission meetings are held on the second Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. in the Parish Center. We welcome all to the School Commission meeting during the New Business portion. After New Business, the Commission meeting is open to current members only. All new ideas, and suggestions must be submitted to the principal 10 days prior to the Commission meeting. The principal reviews all ideas or suggestions brought forth to determine if it is an administration policy issue, or a Commission item to be placed on the agenda.

School Commission Roster 2013-2014
Margaret Moretti      (Vice Chair)
Josie Cappelino  
Beth Gordon (Secretary)
Lorena Hand (Treasurer)
MaryAnn Hoying  
Karen Johnson (Pastoral Staff)
Lisa Rinker  
Erica Beaker  
Sabrian Zakolski  
Diana Yanoski  
Kari Szczchowski  
Audre Bollo (Chair)

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Parental involvement in school activities is important to the mission and philosophy of our school. Increasing your school involvement encourages healthy development of emotional and spiritual growth. Plus it's fun! The Spirit of St. Joe's objective is to plan activities that are fun, as well as spiritually and educationally rewarding. Parental involvement is a great way to give back your time and talent to make your school as good as it can be. The "Room Mom's" organize grade level and daytime school activities, which are funded by the "Spirit of St. Joe's." For the 2013-14 school year Mrs. Carol Ritchie is the Lead Coordinator.

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